Forestry the winner with Marshall Liberal Government to pursue doubling timber manufacturing by 2050

South Australia’s forest industries should be optimistic following the election of a new State government over the weekend. The SA Liberal Party has committed key policies which will have a positive impact on our forest industries as they’re implemented, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AFPA, Mr Ross Hampton said today.


“AFPA SA congratulates the SA Liberals who will form a new State government. The Liberals were ranked highly by AFPA SA before the election as likely to deliver positive policies for our forest industries,” Mr Hampton said.


“Most importantly the SA Liberals have committed to work on measures to facilitate the expansion of the plantation estate and enhance growth in South Australian timber manufacturing.


A Marshall Liberal Government will work to deliver the target of doubling the economic value of the domestic timber manufacturing sector by 2050 by creating the right environment for businesses to thrive and support job creation – SA Liberals policy document.


“AFPA SA is delighted the Liberals have adopted our policy. The Liberals have also committed to working with industry to create a South Australian Forestry Council, which would meet regularly with the Minister, thereby creating a direct link between government and industry, as well as working towards increasing the use of timber products in government procurement.


“The new government also has policies in energy, R&D, bushfire mitigation and skilled workers, which all have the potential to be beneficial for our forest industries.


“AFPA SA will work with the new State government to ensure SA forest industries are listened to and that their needs are met. We also congratulate Independent Troy Bell who has been elected in the forestry focused seat of Mount Gambier, as well as Liberal Nick McBride wo has been elected in the neighbouring seat of MacKillop. The result in the seat of Mawson, which is also home to key forestry operations is still being determined.


“AFPA SA carried out an important role during the election campaign, making sure all candidates in key electorates as well as topline decision makers were aware of what our forest industries need to thrive into the future. That advocacy will now move to the next phase, holding the government, independents and minor parties to account,” Mr Hampton concluded.


*The Liberals’ policy can be found here on the AFPA website –