AFPA SA welcomes Green Triangle forest hub commitment statement

AFPA’s SA Branch today welcomed the Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub’s commitment statement as “a confidence booster for the region and its people.”

SA Branch Manager Leon Rademeyer said the GTFIH’s 10 commitments over the next five years are set to play a significant role in ensuring the long-term sustainability and prosperity of the forest industries and the communities they serve.

“Our forest industries are embedded in local communities and it is locally where the GTFIH has been making a difference and is now committing to continue to do so,” Mr Rademeyer said.

“These commitments do not only include job creation and a commitment to local processing, but also skills development, worker safety, diversity and a focus on the environment, including addressing climate change.”

Mr Rademeyer said it was positive to see the nine members of the GTFIH holding each other to account for progressing the forest industries and the communities they underpin.

“The key factor here is that it is a collaboration between the GTFIH and local communities to ensure economic, social and environmental sustainability,” he said.


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