AFPA SA response to Green Triangle woodchip export slump

CURRENT uncertainty in the Green Triangle woodchip export market is causing an economic slowdown along the forest industries value chain, which is impacting local communities, AFPA SA Branch Manager Leon Rademeyer said today.

Mr Rademeyer said exports played an important role in South Australia’s forest industries, as was the case with any primary production industry in a global market.

“Fluctuations in export volumes and prices can have substantial effects throughout the industry value chain,” he said.

“The South-East Asian market for wood fibre is currently experiencing a slowdown which has already had a negative economic impact in regional SA.

“Our forest industries are the backbone of the regional economy and a major employer locally and it is often at the local level where global economic fluctuations hit the hardest.”

Mr Rademeyer said the slowdown is expected to ease in the medium term in line with growing domestic and international demand.


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